Working for Ambition Foods

Working for Ambition Foods

Thank you for your interest in joining Ambition Foods!

Chatham Kent is filled to the brim with amazing people that just need that extra step to get started and get ahead! Ambition was started to be an employment opportunity where you can become confident and ready for future employment by giving you a hands-on experience in a culinary environment.

Young people aged 15 – 30 will work alongside our Chef for 12 weeks to learn both hard skills and soft skills of the food service industry.

What are hard skills?

These are skills that help you accomplish a job, and they are usually learned and taught by an instructor. This can include knife skills, cooking temperatures, or how to knead dough.

What are soft skills?

These skills are usually much harder to learn because you only learn them from experience, such as learning how to deal with customers, and understanding how to work coworkers. Both skills are equally important to future success and we hope that we can offer you the chance to explore and succeed in both.

This is what your time at Ambition will look like:

  • Week 1 -3: Preemployment program at the 530. Independent study and projects
  • Week 4: Interviews and Onboarding for Ambition
  • Week 5 – 9: Learning your way around a kitchen and recipes. Learn our menu and gain culinary skills, working with different types of equipment
  • Week 10– 16: Better understanding of Chatham Kent food trends, baking and cooking. Time allowance for personal passions within the culinary field.
  • Week 17: Continuing their involvement with Ambition and networking with potential or future employers.

If this interests you, and you’re ready to get cooking, click below to fill out the application!

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