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Mobile Market

Mobile Market

Local. Fresh. Simple.

The Mobile Market makes eating fresh and supporting local simple. Travelling to 15 locations across Chatham-Kent each week, the Mobile Market offers a selection of high-quality produce purchased from local farmers and wholesalers. Produce bags are $5 each to help keep the program sustainable.

Weekly Locations


The Mobile Market connects our community with high-quality, seasonal produce from local farmers. We work with over 15 local farmers and a passionate wholesaler to curate a selection of 5-6 high-quality produce items each week. Support local, and purchase your produce at the Mobile Market this week.

Join us this week in your community!

Weekly Schedule


The Mobile Market is the perfect way to keep your fridge stocked with the freshest fruits and vegetables for an affordable price. We carry the staples but we also like to keep things fresh with new produce items introduced each week. Plus, there’s always a few recipes as well as tips and tricks so you can get creative with your next meal!



Born out of a goal to make produce affordable during COVID-19, the Mobile Market connected the dots between local farmers and our community so we could all do good while eating good. As we move forward, we know you want the Mobile Market to stick around – so do we!

So, we are keeping it going and keeping it simple:

  • Simple pricing – $5 per box.
  • Simple pick-up – join us at any of our 15 locations each week to pick up your box.
  • Simple good – by donating $10 today or when you pick up your next produce box, everyone in your community can easily access fresh produce each month.

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Heather Tulloch, Community Food Connecter

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